Global Committee for CCTF Engage Donors and Philanthropists from East to West for Common Good


Our Project Highlights

The Joywave Fund for Disabled Children

The Joywave Fund focuses on supporting children and youth with disabilities, providing early childhood special education, medical and holistic recovery and assistance to help children overcome their challenges and become fully integrated into society through inclusive and assistance programs.

Chinese Books Children Club

Chinese Books Children Club is to provide a learning and social space through community library projects all over the world in supports of children learning Chinse as their mother tone or second language. The project is to provide libraries, social and extracurricular for children and their parents in their communities. We work with public libraries, community centers and charitable organizations in USA to impact children and their learning of Chinese languages and culture because of the generosity of our donors and supporter’s contributions.

Belt and Road Girls Education Program

We provide funding for girls who are part of the compulsory education through high school and colleges, from rural poor children to left-behind and migrant children, from practical technical training of elder girls to professional training of school teachers, and from educational aid to care for physical and psychological safety for school girls from developing countries along the Silk Road Route.

Who We Are

Global Committee for CCTF’s mission is to engage the donors to promote the development of children's charities; we are committed to protecting the rights of children, and promote the safe and healthy growth of children and teenagers from around the globe.




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