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GCCTF is established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the USA and as a charity in China.
Our Committee members are individual donors and philanthropists drawn from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds,

PHOTO CREDIT: Manprit Shergill

The overall purpose of Global Committee for CCTF, Inc. is to tackle child poverty and education issues in China and other developing countries along the Silk Road route, to care for, foster, and educate children and teenagers and to help improve the education and welfare conditions of children and teenagers living in those areas. GCCTF is committed to protecting the rights of children, and to promoting the safe and healthy growth of children throughout China and the Silk Road route.


GCCTF will also promote educational exchanges between USA and Chinese children and youth. The Organization would like to educate children in the US about the country and citizens of China through exchange and educational programs.

In turn, the Organization would like to educate Chinese children about the United States and its citizens by bringing children and youth from China to visit the schools and communities in USA for better understanding about USA. Through educational exchanges programs, the Organization aims to contribute to alleviating poverty and promote education for better welfare of children and teenagers in needs.

We hope to actively create programs and partner with existing nonprofit organizations, funding projects that fulfill the Organization’s mission.