where we work

We work in both U.S. and China to promote the welfare of the children and teenagers in those two countries. Furthermore, we also accept proposals and support grantees from countries covered by Belt and Road Initiative.

For the updating list of the Belt and Road Initiative qualified countries, please refer to the following page:

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International Partnerships

GCCTF projects build long-term collaboration with domestic and international partners who share our goals: share love with every child and youth in needs to realize their potential. .

GCCTF engages in direct and strategic partnership with local grassroots organizations, international donors and foundations, educational institutions, and the private sector. In partnership, we will deliver quality programs to reach the most vulnerable children in remote and disadvantaged areas in China and other Belt and Road countries. In partnership, we will collaborate with international donors, foundations and friends who care about realizing the potential of children and youth in developing countries and form donor alliances to address the needs of children and youth in those countries.

Strategic Focus

Leveraging CCTF’s centuries’ experience in working with children and youth in China and its broad networks across private institutes and public sector, GCCTF is leveraging its programmatic expertise and global donor network to reach the most vulnerable children in developing countries along the ancient Silk Road route. GCCTF understands the impact of children and youth to the success of a country at its core, and it is committed to serve the most vulnerable children and youth for the benefits of their future and the long-term success of their countries. We value learning from and leveraging the experience and expertise of other grassroots NGOs or government development initiatives, offering a coordinating role to strengthen existing provision; we aim to fill the gaps, rather than repeat or compete with existing initiatives.