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IMPACT to Children and Teenagers Along the Belt and Road.

U.S. Chinese Students Protection Network(UCSPN) is launched by Global Committee for CCTF which is registered in the U.S., and it aimed to provide information, funding, inter-agency coordination, and media support for Chinese students currently studying in the U.S. UCSPN aims to provide safety training and raise security awareness for Chinese students who have yet began their study in the U.S., and provide a safety net with network coordination, media coordination and emergency funding for Chinese students during their study in the U.S.

Why Establishing the U.S. Chinese Students Protection Network (UCSPN)

In recent years, there is a rapid increase of Chinese students who are studying in the U.S. Alone in 2016, there are about 328547 Chinese students studying in the U.S. With the increase of the base number, the Chinese students’ safe in the U.S. is increasingly facing various challenges: in 2015 a Chinese female student graduated from Pomona College reported to government and media upon her graduation that she was sexually violated the first day when she entered the college four years ago; in January 2016, a 19 year Chinese student in U.S. was killed by gun; and very recently, a Chinese visiting scholar Zhang Yingying has missed for over ten days, the police has reported the case as kidnapping, and there is no far not any update with the case.

With the increasing number of Chinese students in U.S. and the increasing number of younger Chinese students studying in the U.S., Chinese students are facing more and more challenges in safety issues in the U.S. With the economic growth of China, those Chinese students are paid more and more attentions by the criminals. Without the basis of safety, Chinese students’ other considerations in studying in U.S., such as the school ranking and majors, become all meaningless.

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