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The vision of the CHINA-US WOMEN PHILANTHROPIST CIRCLE is to build the community of strategic philanthropists among China and US female leaders to tackle the world’s children and youth problems through their influence and intellectuals.

CHINA-US WOMEN PHILANTHROPIST CIRCLE members are reputable China and US women philanthropists who share common interests in program areas that are related to girls’ education, child poverty, youth development and women empowerment in the developing world.


CHINA-US WOMEN PHILANTHROPIST CIRCLE is building the channels for American and Chinese female philanthropists to build up bondage, learn from each other and co-invest resources to champion the welfare of girls, children, youth and women in the developing world. Our members collaborate in areas of their common interests and invest with their influence and intellectuals to drive changes.


Based on thorough research and their common interests, our circle members actively participate in the design and implementation of the projects and leverage their personal expertise and resources to make the greatest contribution possible to the designated project of their interests. We engage global experts in development field to identify projects that offer the greatest return on investment for transforming the lives of children and youth, girls and women in the developing world.