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LOGOS of our Implementation partners in China (所有众筹合作伙伴NGO的Logo) .

China Children and Teenagers Foundation and a list of other grassroot non-profit organizations are our implementation partners in Mainland China. Global Committee for CCTF will engage donors in USA and provide a reliable channel to support child poverty and education programs in Mainland China, and will also provide volunteering opportunities, field trips, cultural and educational exchanges, and charity events for children, teenagers and their families in USA. Our implementation partners in China are a network of grassroot and national NGOs which focus on the areas of children and youth programs in China.

A list of regular programs implemented by our implementation partners in China are listed as below, we will raise and provide funding based on the interests of donors to support those regular children and youth programs on a year-round basis in Mainland China.

• Jovewave Fund for Children with Disabilities – The Joywave Fund focuses on supporting children and youth with disabilities, providing early childhood special education, medical and holistic recovery and assistance to help children overcome their challenges and become fully integrated into society through inclusive and assistance programs.

• Girls education in Asia – providing funding for girls who are part of the compulsory education through high school and colleges, from rural poor children to left-behind and migrant children, from practical technical training of elder girls to professional training of school teachers, and from educational aid to care for physical and psychological safety for school girls.

• Support for Families – providing funding for child care services, family education guidance, psychological counseling and other services for left-behind children. The Organization hopes to provide funding for a platform to enable parent-child video chat, classes, reading and video games, which serve to improve family communication, strengthen the popularization of scientific knowledge for family education and to optimize the family and social environment for left-behind children.

• Supplies and Supports – the Organization hopes to either fund or provide supplies for study, daily life, culture and sports, and emergency, to poverty-stricken children and children who have suffered from unexpected accidents or disasters. This could include crayons, jump ropes, harmonicas, thermos cups, charging flashlights, health emergency kits, umbrellas, hats, gloves and so on. The hope is that these supplies will assist them with their everyday lives and also help pull children suffering from natural disasters or accidents through the transition period for relocation.

• Children’s Safety Programs – the Organization hopes to fund programs which educate the entire country on the importance of safety and protecting children from accidents such as natural disasters, as well as traffic accidents. Education and training activities can upgrade safety facilities and improve the emergency skills for children and safety management level of relevant places.